34 in 34: Spending Freeze.

Monday I mentioned our trip into Glasgow for the day last Friday.  And the fact that I'm on a spending freeze this month. 

It's a self imposed spending freeze, but I'm pretty sure J#1 doesn't mind.  {wink}

Why a spending freeze, perhaps you are wondering?  A few reasons...
  1. It is EXPENSIVE to live in Scotland.  For some reason it seems more so  than when we lived in the Netherlands, even though supposedly the Netherlands has a higher cost of living.  It has to do with the currency exchange; lets just say it's not friendly to us.  
  2. We have a trip planned back to Minnesota in November.  I always spend a lot {probably too much} stocking up on all of our favorites when we are there.  And hello, one word: Target.  So I need to save up for that.  
  3. {& this one is the most important} I wanted to focus on the important people in life {not the things}
I actually started in late August, but am maintaining it through the end of the month.  In all honesty, I'm not too much of a big spender {except pertaining to #2 above}.  It's really random things I find at the grocery store that I can't seem to say no to.  Like:
Yes, they are plants. Yes, I know that I just wrote a post yesterday about my inability to garden.  
But they were £2.50.  If that's not the perferct price for someone with a black thumb?  
I don't know what is.  
Heck, just the pots that they are in are worth £2.50. 
I hope they are still in stock on October 1.  {Yes, I'm dreaming.}

And then there is my real guilty pleasure. 
 Office supplies.  Oh how I love you.  
If I was a poet, I'd write a sonnet.

But alas, I have four more days of September.  Four more days to resist my silly spends. 

Lets just hope I don't undo all the good I did in September on October 1st.  {wink}

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Sonja B. Ebling said...

I will never stop bugging you about this-YOU NEED TO WRITE A BOOK WOMAN! I so enjoy your writing, it's so relatable and relevant. I always feel like you write about exactly what I struggle with day to day- but you have a way of creating a "word picture" that expresses it better than I ever could. Ok enough, but get on it woman- ill sell your book to everyone I know- and don't know(yet!)

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