Letter to my teenage self

Dear teenage Jenny, 
You are 16 and wondering where your life will lead.   {Yeah, you do think about that stuff.  Honestly, you think too much. Ease up a little, okay?}  Well, only time will tell where you will end up.  I bet you are thinking you'll be in Minnesota forever.

Well, it may head places that you wouldn't expect.  Like Scotland.  Is that even on your radar?  Don't think so...but it should be.  Along with New Jersey and the Netherlands. 

You know that boy in your journalism class?  The one that asked you on a date last year, but you said no.  It was due to nerves...and your Mom's rules.  And someday you'll be thanking God for those very rules.  Watch for him over the years, he'll make another appearance and become the most important man in your life. 

No, I'm serious.  Hard to believe, right?  

* * *

Jenny...you are NOT overweight.  You are beautiful. Someday you'll have a photo of your teenage self as inspiration for your 34 year-old self.

Even though you are just the right size, start being active girlie.  Get out and run.  You can do it, even though you think your heart might stop you. 
Trust me when I say that 20 years of inactivity is a hard thing to change.  

* * * 

Be confident.  Remember this quote: 

Speaking of God?  Treasure your time in youth group.  Within the next two years you'll have the opportunity to go on two different mission trips-to Tuba City, Arizona and Satillo, Mexico.  Remember those weeks.  They will be invaluable experiences that will help shape your values.

*  *  *

One last thing Jenny...don't stop writing.  Don't ever stop writing. 

Your older self, who is now a mom (?!?) that will be sharing this with your daughter someday.

 graceful for young women 
I'll be linking up tomorrow with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky.  She just wrote a book for teenage girls that is supposed to be fabulous.  AND she wrote a book called Grace for the Good Girl for those of who are a bit {ahem} older.  That book is #1 on my "to buy" list. 



Sonja B. Ebling said...

Beautiful- perfect.....love this entry!

kristiburden said...

Loved this! Definitely keep writing!

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