The process.

It's a process.

What's a process?


Losing weight. Raising children. Building a house that's considered a home. Learning new skills.  Being the person I aspire to be.

And the famous quote becomes so true:
Success is a journey, not a destination.
I haven't thought too much about the definition of "success" as of late.  I've thankfully been trying to avoid the comparison monster that often makes me contemplate success.  Instead I'm using what I usually compare myself {my house, my kids} to as inspiration.  

Well, except with cooking. I went ahead and admitted to my husband last night there are two talents I likely won't ever develop in my lifetime.

Please keep in mind...this conversation occurred after I didn't cook our rice long enough so it was a bit crunchy.  Rice, people.


Easiest thing to cook.  Ever.

His reply, "What? Cooking and cleaning?" {In his defense, I'm not in love with cleaning...but I'm not bad at it.  I just don't do it as much as I should.}

"No," I said.  "Cooking and gardening."

Cooking?  Did you just read that line about the rice?  Yup, 'nuff said.

Gardening? There's that idea that before you have kids you should be able to keep a plant and an animal alive for a year or something.  The plant?  Yeah...hasn't happened.  I've killed a cactus.  And a peace lily that my mom kept alive for two years before I brought it to my post-college apartment.  Lets just say it didn't say it didn't make it another two months.  

And I'm allergic to cats and dogs, so that's my excuse for that one. 
But two kids?  Almost 2 and almost 4.  Yay!

~  ~

I am figuring out who I am, and it isn't a good cook.  Or a gardener.  And you know what? I'm just fine with that. Because part of the journey--the process--is learning who you are and using that to help you enjoy life.

So I'll spend my time enjoying the food my husband, my friends, my family and restaurants cook.  Because their talents lie there.  

And maybe I'll write about it or take photos.  Because that's where my talents lie.  

Oh and I might even try to bake or cook something.  Because I am a stay at home mom, so its part of my "job".  But again, I'll probably do it, laugh about it and then write about it.  Ha.

And plants? Well, there are just so many pretty ones in the store. 

So tell me...where do your talents lie? 

#  #  #


Megan said...

I am not great at being a stay at home mom, in fact I would say I suck at it :) I was not a great cook, in fact I could barely boil water, but after wanting to lose weight I had to force myself to learn and it does get easier the more you do it!

Shell said...

I'm no good at plants, either! ;)

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