Thankful {for them}

Note to self: When the ideas start running through your head...stop them, tell them to take a breather and write them down...before they run out of the other side of your head. 

Luckily, finding things to be thankful for right now {and really any day, right?} is easy. 

This guy is growing up so unbelievably fast.  
Someday I'm going to share more about our journey with him, but part of it has involved not a lot of talking on his part.  But, the flip has been switched {as everyone told me it would} and he is now a little chatterbox.  AND even better, we can understand about 85% of what he says, if not more.  Last night?  He said "I wuv you Mama" after I told him I loved him.  With no prompting.  {Imagine biggest smile on my face EVER}. 

And there's this girl.  Growing up a little too quickly.  But I'm guessing that's because she's the second child? She's got her big brother to look up to and copy.  {uh oh}
She likes to unzip her pajamas in the morning.  And she just started saying the word "no".  Except I'm not sure she knows what it means, it sort of seems to come out when she might be wanting to say "yes."

And the girl is Independent, and yes, that's with a capital I.   
You don't have to worry long about wondering what she wants.  Trust me.  I'm so thankful for that.

Last, but of course not least.  There's this.
Yes, that's just a simple cup of coffee, but it has cinnamon on it.  CINNAMON people!  And it all of a sudden tastes like an expensive coffee drink from Caribou Coffee {or Starbucks if that's your flavor}.  This is the stuff of dreams.  PLUS, someone told me that it helps your metabolism.  Win, win, win.  Now, if I could just find myself a container of pumpkin pie spice...

What are you thankful for this week? 
* * *

I'm excited to be back to doing thankful Thursdays.   It'll help me be more attentive to my 1000 gifts lists, plus the ladies I get to link up with are lovely. 


a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

and Sarah
The Fontenot Four

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BumbersBumblings said...

Yum! I'll have to try that cinnamon thing!!

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