my ode to stay at home moms

I'll tell you a little secret.  Well, if you know me, then it may not be a big secret. But for those who are just meeting me on this here interwebs, it may be.

I never thought I'd be a stay at home mom.  

I was raised by a working (and from the age of nine, single) mother, whom I respect and admire. I didn't know a different way of life, and I was just fine with that.  I saw myself growing up to be just like her, working daily and spending time with my family on nights and weekends, while entrusting the care of my children to trusted day cares and the superb schools that we are lucky enough to have in Minnesota.

Then my husband got an offer to move overseas for three years.  And I no longer was going to be a working outside of the home mom.

A new world thrust itself upon me, and I have to admit, I've been fighting it ever since.  Perhaps, for my last two months overseas, I'll embrace it.  Eh...maybe.  But either way, I want to make sure I remember this experience.  I want to remember it both for its glory and its trials.

So...a little essay:

* *

Why stay-at-home mothers will forever be my heroes

by Jenny H.

For the times when you are losing your mind, but you swallow your holler and sing that song or give that hug or fill that milk glass, because you know their precious eyes will startle from the holler.

For the times that you just about trip over your two year old daughter inevitably sending one or both of you to the E.R., but you save yourself at the last minute by grabbing ahold of that vacuum cleaner that you have to push around once too often, because you realize that there simply isn't time for a hospital visit.
For the days when they wake before dawn, and stay up past sunset with nary a nap or school to break up the day, and you maintain even an once of patience.

For the rainy days that seem endless and impossible, but your optimism reminds you that in fact, the sun may come out tomorrow.

For the moments it would just be easier to give in to the whining and crying, but you stand your ground so that your children learn that isn't the way to get what you want (even though sometimes you wish maybe that would work for you).
For all the photos you take and albums you make to remember the madness, that you barely are pictured in but thats okay, because you know you were there.

For all of those days and moments and all of the others that make you cringe, smile, cry, laugh, sigh and that give you goosebumps...you are my heroes.

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Kate said...

I don't know how SAHM's do it! Then again, I don't know how any mom does it! :)

The Dose of Reality said...

AWWW, this is so sweet! And so true. It is a tough gig, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! :)-Ashley

Shell said...

Oh, AMEN! SAHMs have such a hard job!

Maureen Hitipeuw said...

What a beautiful tribute to SAHM! :) I've been SAHM, WAHM and now working full time again mom. It's all wonderful in their own ways.

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