My mind and my heart are in battle today, deciding who is going to win the thought war that I'm experiencing.

I'm on the edge.  Worry is trying to needle its way into my day, robbing my heart of joy.

Scotland is delivering it's normal with a cloudy day at hand.  I should be okay with that, since there have been several days of sun...but today?  It just adds to my 'cons' list.

The trick is to pull myself out of this place my mind is taking me.  So I turn to my new tool in dealing with life, the book Shift Happens by Robert Holden

Every time you worry you make movies in your mind that are full of imagine horror, disaster scenes, and unhappy endings.  Fear is the director, producer, and writer.  A frightening fiction take the place of reality.  You do not perceive your won best interests   you have no real vision, clarity or perspective. 
Worry solves nothing. The fact is, worry never once in the whole history of the human race saved the day. At best, worry is an alarm bell, but no alarm bell ever put out a fire.  Worry is not enough.  If you are worrying, you are blocking your true creativity. You are not in your true power. There is a better way.  
Shift happens whenever you decide to give up worry for something better.  For instance:  
"I worry about the future." Worry is a waste of time.  It kills spontaneity, fun and happiness now.  Commit to now. Give your best to this day. Bless your past. And put the future in God's hands.                                                             (Shift Happens p 199-201)

So today, I'm going to give up worry for something better.  At least three 'something betters', in fact. I'll document it on Instagram (click there to see the photos online), where I'll hashtag the something betters (I'm obsessed with hashtags right now) with #betterthanworry.

Who's with me?

* * *

A Royal Daughter

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Rachael @ Inking the Heart said...

What a powerful quote! I can totally relate to those horror movies that have gone round and round in my mind! We all need freedom once in a while from the circle of worry that gets us no where. Praying for you today! Linking up after you at A Royal Daughter! Blessings, Rachael @ Inking the Heart

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