fork in the road

I'm at a fork in the road of life.

We are on the crux of a move back to the U.S. after almost three years of living abroad, with two children instead of one, setting a life back up there, and dealing with a health issue that I wasn't expecting.

There is a split in the path, and I have a few different routes to consider.
  1. Continue feeling sorry for myself, and wallow in the fact that there are a lot of "hard" parts of life right now. 
  2. Work up the courage to start each day with positivity; remembering all the good that can happen instead of fearing the bad. Make a habit of being productive and accomplished instead of being stagnant. 
Being truthful, for about the last month or so, number one seemed to be the path I was taking.  It was easier.  The path well traveled, I guess a person could say.  But where does that path get a person?  

No where I want to be at this point in my life. 

Have you had these moments?  What have you done to send yourself on the narrow path?  The harder, but more beneficial, path of living positively and making your future bright instead of letting it find its own way. 

I like to think of myself as a positive person, but when things get me down... well, I'm down.  I want to be a person that chooses joy no matter the circumstances.  

I have been keeping a list of things to be grateful for since the beginning of the year, along with a photo for each day on the app Gratitude365.  129 days into the year and I have 439 gratitudes.

It's a lot to be grateful for.  And the fact is, each day for the rest of the year I'll find things to be grateful for as well.

So really...why not be positive about what life has left to bring me this year? 

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