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Today I'm excited to be part of a huge event hosted by Speak Now

From their site:
Speak Now has been established as an online and hands on community designed specifically to empower, join, and love as a group of women who believe in themselves. 
And specifically the goal of this group is to empower and support young women, high school and college age girls who are looking for and learning confidence.

Did you know:

So instead of letting this be a never ending cycle Ellie at Speak Now has put together an event today where 25 bloggers are sharing their stories of empowerment. Read on (below my post) to learn more about today's event.  Plus...shh... a surprise.  There is a giveaway!

Here's my story.

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"Do you dye your eyebrows?"  I've wrote in this space before how that one question helped to begin the cycle of worrying about what other people thought of me, at the ripe old age of six or so.  

I look back at photos from those days, and as a Mom now, can see that I was a cute kid.  What was I worried about?  Who cares if someone thought I had dyed my eyebrows? 

But isn't that what we all do?  From a young age, we learn that we need to be worried about what everyone else thinks.  I'm not even sure how to prevent that cycle from continuing with my daughter, but I'm going to try.

Here's the issue though.  As much as I try, there is a good likelihood that I'll be defeated because of the messages that media and society in general put out there about women.  I'm sure my mother did all she could to let me know that I was a pretty girl, that I was smart and loveable.  In fact, I know she did.  I can remember the notes in birthday cards, the mentions of proud moments and just random comments throughout our days.

Why do we let the naysayers take over and outshine the positive?

The one thing I'm teaching my kids to do now, that I hope will have an impact on the future:  when they get a compliment, I am trying to teach them to say "thank you".

"Thank you." And then I need to teach them to file that in the good pile.

Of course parenting is all about leading by example.  I've (somewhat successfully) been doing the same thing.  When someone tells me it looks like I've lost weight and look good, I'll say "thank you", instead of coming up with an excuse for it, or saying, "eh it was only five pounds."

The trick now is to remember those compliments.  I'm at a point in life right now where I don't actually get many (if any) disparaging or judgmental comments about my outside appearance--or personality for that matter.

And lets be real.  I  never got a ton either.  Well, except for that knobby knee song that a boy wrote me on the bus...but I digress.

With all of that in mind, I'm going to give myself a challenge.  At the end of the day, instead of focusing on the negative inputs into our day (if there are any), let's make a list of compliments.  We can list all of the nice things people said about us, right there with our gratitude lists--because they are definitely something to be grateful for.

Are you with me?

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  Happy May Speak Now friends, both new and old! 
Today is an exciting day for Speak Now
Today, some fabulous ladies have teamed up to link up and tell you that you're beautiful. 
Speak Now is all about beauty from the inside out.
We believe in your dreams + passions. We believe in you. 
Today we want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're beautiful.
Identify what makes you feel beautiful. Make this feeling an obligation in your life.
Today we are here to remind you that you can do anything.
Today and everyday, you are lovely, you are perfect, you are bold, you are unique.
Today and every day- you are beautiful!
Speak Now is a women empowerment organization 
built around the philosophy that self-love, self-respect, + self-confidence will make you beautiful.
We empower. We create. We educate. We inspire.
Link your blog up to connect with other bloggers who believe in the empowerment of women and help us spread awareness about the importance of women empowerment!
Once you link up, no community experience would be complete without a little welcome gift!  We are giving away a $100 visa gift card and any piece of beautiful jewelry from the Speak Now shop!
So link up, enter our giveaway, take a look at some of our blogging friends, and share our mission with your friends, family, and fellow blogging community. 
We are an online community designed to believe in you.
Today, we want you to join our movement. 
&  win a $100 visa gift card and a custom jewelry piece from our jewelry store
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