We were talking about some chocolate chip cookies I baked over the weekend at dinner last night.  J#1 agreed that they were good (here's the recipe), but fragile.  I joked, "just like me".

* * * 

April was a month that showed me, in more than one way, that life as a whole, is in fact, extremely fragile.  One event can change your world forever.

* * *

May continues that trend, with the devastation that occurred in Oklahoma yesterday. My mind can't seem to stray from the parents who have lost their children, and all of the other families who have lost loved ones. I can imagine, just a bit, the terror that must have pierced those parents' hearts as they heard of a tornado knowing that they weren't with their children. Praying for them so that they may find some peace throughout this ordeal.

* * * 

As I continue to read Shift Happens, I've learned about The WAIT problem. 
"The WAIT Problem" is a common block to happiness, love and success. In fact, there is no need to wait.  Happiness awaits you. Love awaits you. Success awaits you.  They await your choice, your acceptance, a sign from  you, a "Yes" from you.  For as long as you wait, you cannot see what is already possible, what is already here, and what is already waiting for you.                                                                              (Shift Happens, pg. 163)

There is a great amount of truth in those words.  

And in these:

* * *

So in honor of those who have been affected by the fragility of life, think about what you are waiting for, and then stop waiting.

What do you enjoy?  Do it.
Who do you love?  Hug them. Kiss them.
Stop waiting, and live life today the way you've always imagined you'd live it.

At least that's what I plan on doing.

* * *

Will you join me?

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