Top 10--The "things I like" list

Sorry about the delay...yesterday was filled with fun travel (to Brugges, Belgium) and visiting a dear friend from high school (thanks Facebook!) that lives in Belgium.  So, home late means this didn't get posted yesterday.

A top ten list of my favorite things about living in Eindhoven and the Netherlands. Tomorrow (or later today)...watch for a top ten list of things I miss from the U.S. 

10.   Child health care in the Netherlands.  Until the age of four, children are routinely seen by a doctor and nurse at the ZuidZorg, at no cost to the parents.  For the first visit, they come to your home, and after that you head to the office.  This is where they get their vaccinations and have what in the States we would consider "well baby" visits. 

9.     Our favorite bakery.  
J#1 ordering our "regular"


8.     The mystery.  There are new trees, plants, landscapes to learn and appreciate.  Who knew there would be a tree just outside our living room window that would have beautiful pink blossoms? 

7.     Not having a car.  Which  means the kids and I, during the week, walk everywhere.  To the grocery store, the park or anywhere else we want to go.  Great to know that it is better for the environment, better for my health, and better for our pocket book.  (even though there are these great aspects, this for sure will be on top ten things I miss too)
our new ride, the double stroller saving my back. notice grocery bag
on the back, and more groceries in the basket at the bottom.

6.     New and different foods.  While I can't say that I am a big fan of Dutch cuisine (except for Appleflaps-num!), I appreciate not having access to some of the conveniences of grocery stores in the U.S.  It is helping me become more self-sufficient in the kitchen.  (guess what?  this will be on the top ten things I miss as well)

5.     Making new friends.  The people I have met here (mostly expats like us) have been so extremely kind and generous.  From giving us rides to having playdates, I don't think we could have met a nicer group of people.  

4.     Being in Europe and having the opportunity to travel to and see so many different places.  Who would have ever though I would be taking long weekends to Paris or day trips to Germany and Belgium?   Blessed, so blessed. 
J#4 and me at Keukenhoff outside of Amsterdam,
one of my favorite trips so far

3.    TUC cheese crackers.  My new addiction.

2.    Growing closer as a family.  Having new adventures as a family.  Spending more quality time as a family.

1.    Adding to our family.  J#4 will always be a beautiful reminder of our time here in the Netherlands. 


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