What was I thinking?

Bad hair.  We've all that one bad hair-style, right?

No?  Not ALL of us?  Well, I have.

In yesterday's post I mentioned that a few of my regrets revolve around hair.  I also mentioned that if I had a scanner I would maybe share a photo, but thought I was safe because we don't have a scanner here.  Until I remembered that in the deep, dark recesses of Facebook lives a photo.  Of me. With REALLY bad hair.

ooh, a bit blurry, but you still get the idea
So, seriously, is this for real?  Why didn't someone tell me that this is NOT a flattering hairstyle for me.  My hair is too thin (even though, according to stylists, I have a lot of it) to have long, flowing hair.  

Friends and family, I beg of you, if I ever let my hair grow past my shoulders again...take me directly to a hair salon.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.   

Well, maybe I will pay you $200 just to save me from the trauma of having to look at photos of myself with long, stringy hair.  I seem to remember a lot of ponytails during this period in my life.  Now I know why!

To make myself feel better, I thought I would find some other bad hairstyles online, so Pinterest search, here I come....

Ah, I feel better already.  


Rachel said...

I won't go all "eye of the beholder" on you but... I think your long hair looks great! Of course, this is coming from thick out of control semi-curly wishes it was straight woman. We all want what we don't have.
That said, your short hair on the right looks really good on you too.

Jen said...

@Rachel Thanks Rachel! I have wanted curly hair too...so I totally know what you mean. And some of the perms I got to try & achieve the look? Would probably make the "bad hairstyle" list too!

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