Sweet Update

With just over two weeks until Easter, I wanted to make sure I gave an update on giving up sweets for Lent.  Evidently, seems like I should write all of my goals or commitments in a blog post.  The accountability does wonders.

Have I ever stuck with something throughout the entire Lenten season?  Don't think so.  I know--bad, bad, Catholic school girl.  Usually I can rationalize my way into getting away with not sticking to it.  Same thing with New Year's resolutions.

But, this year I have truly not had any sweets.  There are a few things that might teeter on the edge of being sweets, but I am pretty sure they won't qualify as sweets.

See the cups in our hands?
For instance, Starbucks Vanilla Latte.  We were in Dusseldorf, Germany, and it had been months (about five) since we have had prepared coffee drinks.  I figure that I would have pancakes with syrup and not consider that a sweet, so the vanilla syrup in the coffee drink doesn't count.   Now, if only Caribou could open a store on this side of the ocean, I would be a happy camper.

The other questionable item, which J#1 called me on, is Life Saver mints.  I found a few left over from when my Mom was visiting in February and had brought them from the States (thanks Mom!).  I don't consider gum a sweet, so mints are the same thing.  Right?  

My new favorite sweet treat?  Strawberries.  Num.   I have really only had about 2-3 real strong cravings for sweets, so I guess I wasn't too addicted to them. 

Finally, my plans for Easter.  I am baking sugar cookies.  I found Easter cookie cutters, so I'll be enjoying some bunny and egg shaped treats.  Oh, and J#3 just got some Peeps sent to him from Minnesota.  If those aren't gone, I might will have to have one or two of those.  

Now, the question of the day.  Graham crackers?  Sweets or no?  I mean, "crackers" is in the name--which is traditionally not a sweet item.  (ha, see the rationalization starting to occur?).  Let me know your thoughts.


Rachel said...

Agree with all of your executive decisions on sweets vs. sweet-ish foods. For me sweets are cookies, brownies and candy.
Well done on giving them up for Lente!

Jen said...

@Rachel Thanks Rachel! I am going a bit drastic with my list of sweets probably, but it is also helping me lose weight. :-) Nice side benefit...

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