Six months...

It has been six months, to the day, since we landed in Amsterdam.  Our small family of three, groggy and excited, found our way to meet the driver who would take us to our new city.   We didn't pull right up to our new home, staying instead at a Holiday Inn until some of our belongings were shipped from the U.S. and we had time for a first shopping spree at Ikea.  Cribs are essential for eighteen month olds!
although...he looks pretty happy in this bed (at the Holiday Inn)

We have settled in.
J#3 is a VERY good helper

We have survived the winter.  Which I suppose isn't saying much. If we would have been in Minnesota we would just now be enjoying a bit of Spring and would have been snow-blowing just about every other day.  See how we time our moves?  the year we moved to New Jersey I remember there being close to record cold temperatures in Minnesota--for weeks at a time.  

We have made new friends.  

We have ventured out and found our way around our new city.
would you believe i just learned yesterday what the
purpose of that funky structure is?  it is a tunnel
leading to an underground bike parking garage. 

We have traveled around Europe.
Christmas in London

We have added to our family.
the baby girl, not the train.  well, the train too, I guess

We have been enjoying spring here for about a month now.  Sounds like there has been more sun this year than there usually is in the Netherlands.  Lucky us, right?
enjoying the outdoors, sans heavy coat and stocking hat

In honor of our six month mark, this weekend I will share a few "top ten" lists.  Tomorrow it will be a list of the top ten things I appreciate about living in Eindhoven.  And, then on Sunday, a list of the top ten things I miss about the U.S.  Or should I switch the order??  Hmm... Stay tuned.

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