Amsterdam. Part Deux.

Saturday, April 2nd, in the Netherlands was b-e-a-utiful!!  About 70 degrees and sunny all day long.  It was the perfect day to take in the views and activities at the Keukenhof Gardens, which are about a 25 minute ride out of Amsterdam.  If you are in the Netherlands, or plan to come here for a visit at some point during the spring, I would definitely recommend it.

There were:

in every shade imaginable

and combinations of colors too

little boys getting a bit too close to the tulips 

And these are my faves; don't think they are tulips though

For the kids, there were:
slides to slide on

swings to be swung on

ponies to get close to 
turkeys to chill with (they are J#3's peeps, after all--one of
his nicknames is "turkey").

Oh, and this is where I should
mention I was about 25 (yes, not lying) before I saw a wild
turkey.  My husband, who grew up just miles from me,
thought that was crazy!!

Bunnies to pet (J#3's favorites!)

patio for some lunch--schnitzel and fries.

If you have made it through all the photos; a few fun facts about the Keukenhof Gardens.  It is the world's largest bulb flower garden, with over seven MILLION bulbs planted yearly.

Each year they feature a different theme, and this year's was Germany.  I was very excited for the panoramic planting that they had talked about on the website.  Unfortunately, we hit the garden a bit too early in the season, because this is what we saw: 
See Berlin's Brandenburg Gate?  I have a feeling this is
going to be awesome once the flowers bloom.

Last, J#4 wore her first dress on her visit.  So, I had to get a photo:
Smiling girl

A try for a photo with the two kiddos.  J#3 is in a
"no photos, please" stage, and well,  J#4 is 2 months old. 

For someone like me, a.k.a. black thumbalina, this turned out to be a great stop.  Wish we could come back every year to check it out!

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