J. Homemaker Series #2: Cleanliness is next to Godliness?

So, I have crossed into the 'dark side'.  I have a cleaning schedule.  Can you believe this?  Because, frankly, I can't.  

Psst.  Let me tell you a secret...I don't think I have followed it one week since I started printed it out

But, I generally get most of the stuff done.  It is my job after all.  And I have always been known as a hard worker...wouldn't want to ruin my reputation.  Ooops.  Guess no one would have known if I was ruining it if I didn't write about it here.  Oh twell. 

Here is part of my dilemma: 

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.  ~Phyllis Diller

Ah, if I haven't read a more true quote.  Why clean at this point?  I wish I would have taken before and after photos the other day.  Our living room/dining room/kitchen went from tornado alley to magazine ready (okay, probably not magazine ready, but pretty darn clean--I even scrubbed the floors) during J#3's nap.  

Um, yeah.  And about a hour thirty minutes after he woke up?  Half way back to it's previous state. 

But how can I complain?  If he would have been awake for the cleaning, you know he would have wanted to help: 

wonder where he learned this...

maybe I should find him a footstool? 

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