I think I think too much.


I know I think too much. Obviously, since I am someone who thinks so much I must know that already, right?

I make everything about something.  Instead of just "being".

I need to learn more from him.

And from her.

They don't think too much.  Of course, they are young and learning, so they do think--but its about the logical things.  How to put clothes on, how to eat well with silverware,  and how to be a good listener (okay...sometimes).

Young minds generally don't question much.  They don't question where their next meal is coming from or if they will have a blanket to sleep with at night.

Why is that?  Because they have faith.  Faith in their parents; that we will provide them everything that they need.

I need to spend a bit more time following their example.  I have a Father who is going to provide everything I need, as long as I believe in Him and his power.

Instead of taking so much time thinking about how I am going to live or how I'm going to change, I need to take the leap and make the change.  Live the life I've imagined.  And have faith that there is Someone looking out for me.  Who is putting each rung of the ladder where it is supposed to be, at the time it is supposed to be there.

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Marci Smith said...

What a wonderful reminder to have faith like a child. I, too, think too much. I over analyze most things and come up with theories that are so far off. Thank you for the reality check!!
BTW...your babes are precious!!!

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