Monday Missions {week 4}

Its that time again.  Monday.

But thanks to my Monday Missions, I'm not as much of a Monday hater anymore.  How about you?

The idea behind Monday Missions is to share what your mission is for the week.  Make it easy or make it hard.  Just make it something that you KNOW you will get done; so you have something to look forward to next Monday.  Share it here as a comment or on the Living a Listful{l} Life Facebook page to get support, encouragement, and of course PROPS when you are done!

Last week, I decided I would put together an outline for the book idea I have swirling around my brain.  And...drumroll, please... I finished it.  Nothing to intensive but it will definitely give me a good direction for getting started.

Saturday we did some moving around of rooms so I have a dedicated 'office', and that will help out too.  I am astonished at how quickly I'm getting things done having a structured place to get it done. It serves as good practice too for my return to office life sometime in the next year.

THIS week?  This week, I'm going to bake bread.  From scratch folks.  Its on my bucket list.  We have all of the tools and ingredients necessary but I've just been to scared (yeah, I know...crazy) to do it. I think I even said I was going to do it in the past once, and I chickened out.

But this week, it will happen.  If it is a failure, at least I can say I tried, right? Plus, there is no one telling me I can't try again.

* * * 

So tell me...what do you want to get done this week?

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