Monday Missions {week 6}

What is Monday Missions?  It is a weekly event, taking place on, well...Mondays.  The idea is to decide on one thing that you will get done during the week, so that you have a reason to look forward to next Monday. Share your Monday Missions on the Living a Listful{l} Life Facebook page or in the comments; or if you blog feel free to write a post and share the link in the comments. If we spread the word enough and get a bunch of bloggers involved, I'll create a link-up too.


Another Monday?  Why yes it is.

Time for our Monday Missions.  How did you do?  Get it done? Or do you get to make it your mission again this week? No worries, life happens and having to push out the mission another week is bound to occur.

Last week, I gave myself three things to do.  Geez louise, what was I thinking?  Actually they were smaller things; but items that I couldn't procrastinate on any longer.
1. Make pediatrician appointments for kiddos during our April Minnesota visit. 
2. Make cardiologist appointment for me during our April Minnesota visit. 
3. Research possible trip to Isle of Skye (Scottish Highlands) over Easter. 

Check, check and check!  Completed all three.  The Isle of Skye?  I researched that for two and a half hours Saturday during nap time, PLUS some more time after everyone was up and finally found the place we'll stay at after about four hours of research.  I guess good things really do come to those who wait.  

Here's a map of the Isle of Skye.  I'm just a little {read: VERY} excited about our trip.  I'll be sure to share about it after we get back. And The White Heather, where we are staying?  BEST hotel website ever.  Plus, they have a family room-so how could we go wrong? 


So, this week.

This week I've had a hard time deciding what to choose as my Monday Mission, because there is a ton of stuff I want to catch up on during the month of March {which starts on Friday?!? I can't even believe it}.

But I think I've decided to get caught up on our family blog.  I have barely updated it since...um...last Fall?  {blushes and looks away}

I'm guessing you'll see the fruits of my labor here, because a few of the topics fall into the category of bucket list items, like our trip to Rome last December.

Off I go now, I think there are about ten to fifteen posts for me to write over there.


Alright...your turn.  What's your Monday Mission?  Big or small, it doesn't matter, just share so you are committed to it!

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Nasreen Fynewever said...

Let's connect when you are in Minnesota this April if you come near the Twin Cities! Email me at nfynewever (a) gmail

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