My laptop is dead.

Gone. Finito.  I turn it on, and it gets to the screen with an apple and a little circle rolling around underneath it and then it goes gray.  And doesn't do anything else.

So, if you are wondering why its been a little quiet here?  Its because of that.  I'm left with two options: typing on my iPad with a keyboard (thank God for that!) or on our Mini Mac, which is connected to the t.v. (so at several points throughout the days, unavailable) in our family room.

There isn't any reason to feel sorry for me.  I have options. I can use those other tools. I could get my lazy bum to Glasgow and make an appointment at the Apple store there to see if they could save it.  BUT, I want to wait until our trip back to Minnesota in April.

See, to me everything serves as a sign. Its all part of some overall plan, and I think that my laptop being broken is part of that plan.  It's Somebody telling me that I need to be on the computer less--at least on the computer without a mission less.

And in a backward way its going to substantially change my habits...in a way I'll detail next weekend.   For now?  I'm off to spend time with my family.

Hope a good week awaits you; and that you make it a good week.

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Maegan said...

I've had a broken computer before. At first it seems like the end of the world, and then it turns into a blessing in disguise ... the forced break turns into something good. I'm sorry you're having issues, but enjoy your time away :)

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