Working with what you've got...

Hey all!

I am the throws of writing a 50,000 word novel and in my last week of training for the Turkey Day 5K (on Thanksgiving, of course!).

But,  I got ultra-motivated yesterday and got our utility room (a.k.a. laundry room, freezer location, bulk food item storage, random, miscelleaous junk location) to a point where I think it might ALMOST look pretty...well, as much as a room like that CAN look pretty.  And I had a brainstorm that I couldn't wait to share.
And, as it is "my way", it already looks different than this... but the photo above has better lighting.

Okay,okay. Since you are so curious (stick with me here)...here is what looks like now:
See...this way I can actually use the dry erase board. Quite the concept, huh?  More about that tomorrow on Challenge Wednesday though.  Make sure you come back for that.  Mkay?  

But that was just a little intro.  

This is what I really wanted to tell you about.  I didn't buy anything to organize this room...I have bin after box after bag in my possession, so I worked with what I had.  

And I am almost embarrassed I had never thought about this idea before. 



Check it.  Two FULL shelves, down to one full shelf, and one EMPTY shelf!  

See, we live in what used to be a furnished rental, so when we moved in, they had forgotten to take some stuff out.  Like light bulbs.  And they were just tossed in this shelf. 

You see that maroon bag? It's a wine bag.  You know, the one you get at the liquor store so you can reuse them, and buy like six bottles of wine at a time?  'Cause, yeah, I am always doing that.  Especially with all of the entertaining I am doing in this foreign country that we moved to less than three weeks ago.  {Please note extreme sarcasm.}

From reusable bag to... well, reusable bag.  But not for its intended purpose.  Love it.  

Linking up with the lovely ladies over at J&M's Eye Candy, for their Help a Mama Out Link-Up: 

And, with Tip Junkie, for her Tip Me Tuesday, since this is... a tip.  Right?  {wink}

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Jamie said...

Great idea. So much more space. Would love for you to stop by and link up to More the Merrier Monday.

Mamma of the Papada's said...

Hahaha I love it!! Sarcasm is fantastic!! But I understand small spaces overseas and this is great!! Found ya via the fabulous ladies at J&M!!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

It looks GREAT!!! You are hilarious!!

Thanks for sharing and linking up with us :) We appreciate it :)

Have a happy day!


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