Where am I today?

Well, in Minnesota for an extended visit.  Enjoying trips to Target, the best pizza that I have missed so much, and being with family and friends.

Oh, and I have so much to tell you about.  TWO, count 'em--TWO, things that I have been able to check off of my bucket list in the last week.  Here is a hint to one of them...

But that's not the point of this post.  You're going to have to wait to hear more about those things.  Oh, and plus!  Remember this post, where I asked you how I should get my hair styled???

Well,  "I got my hair did" last Wednesday, so I'll show you the results!

So stay tuned this week...but for now, I am guest posting over at Miss Mommy.  She is the wonderful Canadian who is now living in Australia.  Australia?!??!  Lucky woman.  Plus, she has two adorable little girls and is a talented and honest writer.  Love her.  So stop over.

THERE IS EVEN A GIVEAWAY!!  My VERY first.  So please check it out.  Who wouldn't want a giftcard to Etsy?

Alright friends, enjoy your Saturday!  We'll talk more soon, 'kay?

And if you are new, visiting me from Miss Mommy?  Welcome, glad to have you!! Please take a look around, and say hello.  I'd love to say hello at your bloggie homes too!

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whitneyfreeman said...

congrats on finishing your 5K!!! I found you from Miss Mommy =]

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