Getting to know me: the old days {via a top 10}

Hi friends!  This would be the 2nd in a series of posts "about me", digging in a bit more than my "about me" page does.  The first post was the 32 questions that are on my about me page.  I am still looking for a 33rd.  Any ideas??

So, I suppose any proper "getting to know me" series should include a post about childhood, right?

But that could be a pretty long post...so here, instead is a "top 10".  Top 10 facts about me from birth thru high schol.

1.  I was born two weeks late.  Due on July 11, but born on July 25.  {Perhaps that is why I try, with all my might, to NOT be late now?}  Sorry Mom!  Not really fair to make her be pregnant for two extra weeks, during July in Minnesota.  Ick.

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2.  I have one brother {15 years old than me!} and a sister that passed away before I was born.  {Now being a mom, I can't even fathom the affect that had on my parents and brother.}
3.  I was born with a congenital heart defect, called Aortic Stenosis.  I had open heart surgery at the age of six to repair it.  {more to come on this in another post}
4.  I went to a public school for kindergarten, Catholic school for grades one thru eight, and then public high school.
5.  My parents were divorced when I was in 3rd grade.
6.  My first trip to Disney World was when I was about nine years old.  {just wanted to throw something fun in there.  although, who says eight years in Catholic grade school isn't fun?  ;-) }

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7.  I had my first kiss when I was 14.
8.  First  real boyfriend at 15 {although I wasn't supposed to date until I was 16, more on that when it gets to life with J#1}.  I actually met J#1 when I was 15.  In journalism class.
9.  My first job?  Sandwich artist at Subway.  {Yes, an artist.  And I have to admit, I count how may pickles, olives and tomatoes they are putting on my sandwich to this day.}

10.  Spent junior & senior year of high school working at Snyder's Drug Store {I think they have all disappeared now, right?}, along with a couple of other jobs post Subway {video store, tanning salon --I know, I know}.

Want to know the funny thing?  I was totally planning on this going thru college.  Who knew I could fill up 10 items just thru high school?

But college was college.  I was pretty much a goodie-goodie in high school.  Not so much in college.  I spent a lot of time in our Radio/TV station, and I was part of our Student Senate {which helped me get my first job out of college}.  The summer before my senior year I ran into J#1, and we started dating around Thanksgiving that year.  That's all about all you need to know about the college years.  The less you know, the better.  {wink}

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Jenilee said...

I worked at Subway when I was 15! lol my first real job :)

Jenilee said...

love this idea for a top ten by the way... might use it next week!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Love Subway "artist" and I too love the spin on your top ten!! :) Nice to learn more about you! Thanks for sharing!

Stopping in from Miss Mommy's linky party.

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E @ Act Fast Chef said...

What a great way to learn more about you! Thanks for sharing :)

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