Hello Monday...

So, I totally wasn't planning on posting anything today.  And then I uploaded my photos from the last, oh month or so--okay, not quite--but still, and decided, we have much to catch up on.  So, in the fashion of Lisa Leaonard {please go check out her awesome shop and blog}, here is my first "Hello Monday"... {and a wrap up of the last three weeks or so}.

Hello Dutch morning exercise show.  SO glad I go to see you.  Normal people, water bottles as weights. This is my kind of work-out show.

Hello brother/sister cuddling.  Even though based on J#3's face, you would think he wasn't enjoying it? It was his doing.

Hello to my favorite three people.

Hello to one of my newest, easiest dinner faves.  Taco quesadillas.  Only issue?  Finding taco seasoning we like in Scotland.  So far on the taco seasoning & cooked, ready to eat chicken, Netherlands is leading the pack.  But J#1 insists that is not enough of a reason to move back.  As for the taco seasoning? I think I might try to make my own.

Hello little girl in a moving box.  See, this is a tradition.  J#3 was about three months old for his first move, thus a photo in a moving box, so J#4 had to take part during her first move.

Hello J#3 helping Daddy.  At least he thought he was...and that is what matters, right?

Hello making my own cleaning solution, and being so excited about it.  Read more here.

Hello to J#4's first Halloween.  No costumes, but we did make sure to commemorate the day.

Hello play-doh towers.

Hello organization.

Hello our first gallery wall.  A dream of mine.  Created freehand by my awesome husband, J#1.

Hello cute little park in our neighborhood.

J#3 is your newest fan.

Hello riding on your sister???  Not to worry, he had a time out RIGHT after I took the photo.  Taking the photo maybe not affective for the disciplining?  Eh, well, they are only this age once, right?   {wink}

Hello Guy Fawkes Day. I hadn't heard of it until last week, but I did enjoy it.  As did the boyz.  Big bonfires.
...and fireworks.   Love this photo below.  Definitely click on the link up above; its an interesting UK holiday celebrated with?  Bonfires and fireworks. Kinda reminds me of the 4th of July, but not really.  {wink}

and, Hello pizza + fried rice, compliments of J#3.  This is what happens when your dining room is separated from your kitchen and you run to grab the last few things.  Num.
Or not. 

And last, but certainly not least.  Hello Christmas music.  Yup, I'm listening.  And it is making me a bit giddy. 

Oh, and one more thing?  Indulge, me would ya?   I jogged 20 minutes this morning.  In a row.  Without stopping.  Turkey Day 5K? Here I come!

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Mary Beth said...

I'm coming over from Lisa's blog. That exercise show looks fantastic--so real and down to earth!

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