Challenge Wednesday #9: The Why of Gratefulness

Last week, Tracey and I decided that this week, instead of a true challenge {because what we are doing here today is pretty darn easy} we would trade blogs to tell each other and our friends {that'd be you} why we think it is important to be grateful. 

So, without further adieu, here's Tracey of Control the Chaos... 

~  ~  ~

The Why of Gratefulness

Every year at this time Facebook, blogs, and emails are flooded with stories of what we are grateful for(our families, of course), how we plan to celebrate our gratefulness (with food, of course), and any special traditions go along with all this gratefulness (sharing at the table, notes, gifts).

Why do we do it, year after year?  Well, duh, it's important.  But why?  I mean, surely our friends and families know how thankful we feel.  Right?  Right?

Is it coincidental that at the time of year when we feel most grateful (or at least the time of year when we best express it), we often feel most pressured, stressed, and out of time?

There are just so many places we need to be, so many things we need to do, and so many people we need to please.  Maybe...maybe they don't know realize where and for whom our gratefulness extends.  Or maybe our actions are speaking too loud for our words to be heard.
Source: etsy.com via Lori on Pinterest

Maybe it's time we make our actions match our words.  Because we have today, but we're not guaranteed tomorrow.  Maybe in so doing we will not just say it, but we. will. know. it.

So, why is it so important to be grateful?  For them.

And then, for us.

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