Getting to know me: a love story {part 1}

Now this is when I wish that I:  #1) had a scanner.  #2) had my scrapbooks in the same country as me.  #3) had some way of transporting my memories into photos on the computer.

So, this will be a somewhat photoless post about the history of J#1 and me.

#   #   #

I LOVE to tell people that J#1 was the first man to ever buy me flowers.  And he will be the last (hopefully).

We met back in my sophomore year of high school (he is a year older), in journalism class.  I was intent on being on the school paper, and you could take "zero hour" to add an hour to class schedule which would allow for an elective course like that.  Wow.  I was determined, huh?

So anyways...J#1 asked me out.  Well, I think that was what he was doing.  And I said no.  Yup, it's true. See, my Mom wouldn't let me date until I was 16, so I knew asking her if I could go to dinner with J#1 wouldn't fly.  But, we remained pretty close friends that year.  At one point, in true high school fashion, I asked him, "Are you mad at me?"

That Saturday, a flower delivery guy comes to the door.   A dozen roses, with a note that says, "I'm sorry you thought I was mad at you."  Swoon.  And my Mom said, "Oh, he must have a very good mother, teaching him to do polite things like that."

But, alas, I introduced him to one of my best high school friends, and they dated for quite a while.  I ended up dating some other guy{at the age of 15...shame, Mom!  wink}, and life went on.

Fast forward four years post high school for J#1.  He was at a seminar for an audit group {fun, fun} that was at the office I was working at during the summer.  I saw him at lunch, and was flabbergasted.  Why, oh why, was he at our office {we didn't end high school on the best of terms}?  But,  a day later or so, one of my co-workers encouraged me to reach out to him.  And so we chatted.  That was August.

In November, a week or so before our American Thanskgiving, J#1 called my mom.  Asked for my number at college.  {WOW!} And people,  I had literally just been telling someone in my apartment about running into this dude from high school.  And the phone rings.  It was him...


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