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I am still trying to figure this blog thing out.  What do I do with it?  Do I create a niche blog?  Do I advertise?  

Should I have maybe had this all figured out before starting it?  (Yeah, probably.)

While I am still trying to figure it out, there are some experts out there.  Some women (and a few men) that have created communities with their blogs.  Inspire and entertain each day.  

Here are a few of my favorites--just click on the bolded name above each description if you want to click through to their blogs. 

Making this Home
When I think back, I believe this is the blog that sucked me in.  I had been hearing about this whole "blog" trend, but hadn't really dug into it.  But, alas, as a new stay at home mom, I had the time.  

Katie's blog struck a chord with me, as she is a creative and caring woman who splits her time between a tiny apartment in Germany (hello, fello expat!) and a tire house (yes! tire house!) in the Rocky Mountains.  

I actually came across her site by looking for a baby book.  Katie's business, Gadanke, features some of the most interesting journals--from baby book journals to travel journals to prayer journals. 

Isn't this awesome?  Meg and her kids created a few of these one afternoon.  Love them.    Meg's posts range from random pieces of her family's life to craft projects like these.  Always positive.  Inspiring.  And just plain fun.  

Oh, and can I just tell you how much I love her hair?  Totally irrelevant, but think I might be printing off a photo for my next visit to the hairstylist. 

Lisa Leonard 

Lisa creates beautiful, personalized jewelry.  She features her jewelry and tales about her beautiful family throughout her blog. 
It isn't just jewelry that she crafts.  Check out these awesome magnet boards: 
I just stumbled onto this blog very recently.  But I am smitten.  Love when there is a post from Kelle in my reader.  For a little taste of her writing, as she suggests on her blog, start by reading her youngest daughter's birth story. But please, have kleenex ready.  Absolutely heart-wrenching, truthful and beautiful.  I had tears running down my face (and I don't think it was just my hormones).  

Young House Love
There may be a chance you have heard of these folks. They have a ton of readers and have successfully made their blog their careers.    

They remind me a bit of J#1 and me.  They are now living in their second "fixer upper" home, and split their time between working on their home and caring for their one-year-old baby. But that is where the similarities end.  

They make their living working on and decorating their home, and blogging about it.  Truly entertaining and informative.  Not extremely applicable for me right now, since we aren't exactly doing much any work on the rental we live in, but I am reading anyways.  

Here is just one of their many projects I heart so much!!
There is just a peek into a few of my favorite blogs.  I think I will continue to feature a few of my favorites each week or so.  If your day is brightened at all by being introduced to some entertaining and informative writing, I will be a happy camper. 

Do you have any favorite blogs to share? 

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Tracey Davis said...

mine - ha! here are a couple of my favorites:
and you probably know one of my newest faves - www.thegypsymama.com

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