Father's Day & NEW Floor 1 tour

First thing first.  

My guess is that there are very few dads (other than J#1) who read this. But, if there are any--HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  And a special "Happy Father's Day" to my #1.  :-) 
J#1 getting quite a bit of help
opening his father's day presents
Now, lets get down to business. 

Just last week I took you on a little tour of the first floor of our home here in the Netherlands.  Yes, floors #2 and #3 are still on their way.  

But first I need to share part of our first floor with you again.  See, if you know J#1 and me at all, you know that we are NOT adverse to change.*  I think I actually thrive on it.  So, our Saturday project this weekend was perfect for me.  After eight months here we decided to make a change to our family room, and changed around the furniture.  

Here is a reminder of how it looked before: 
play area behind the couch.
what kid would want to play back there? 

not a lot of rolling around room for a certain
four and half month old roller

Now for the new arrangement: 
play area isn't as "shut off"
plus, way MORE play room

even though you can't really see it,
MUCH more rolling space

You wouldn't believe the way changing a few pieces of furniture around has really opened up this room.   It makes it feel so much larger, and I hope it will give J#3 and J#4 their own areas to play in for a while (since they aren't exactly playing with the same toys right now).    You can't tell from the photos, but this even makes our "dining" room feel larger.  

So, change is good.  Well, this change is good.  

*Note:  Make sure to remember this comment when you read my next post, coming within the next few days.  

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