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Disclaimer:  I have a pretty wide taste in music.  Alternative (Foo Fighters), classics (Frank Sinatra), country, and more.  But this post is not about a wide range of music.  Pretty much revolves around pop and "top 40" (as it is referred to in the States).  So, if you don't like that...please don't be too hard on me.  

Music can be very therapeutic. I am now in the perfect mood to start the weekend after jammin' to some of my most recent downloads from Itunes.  

Seriously, what did we do before Itunes?  I know, I know.  Buy CDs.  And tapes.  And (not me, but some of us) eight tracks and records.

For a peak into my brain, here are a few of my more recent purchases on Itunes:  

  • Bruno Mars "Just the Way You Are".  
  • Far East Movement, "Like a G6".  Yes.  I did go there.  
  • NKOTB and NKOTBSB.  Yes,  I went there too.  Read on further. 

So here is my stream of thought this afternoon.  

First of all, bands must make HUGE money off of reunion tours.  

Yes, I am referring to NKOTB (and yes, that stands for New Kids on the Block, in case you weren't sure).  I paid good money for a ticket to go to their concert this summer.  Mostly because it is going to be an awesome girl's night.  

But I DO want to remember at least a few of the words.  

Low and behold, doesn't take long for them to come back to me.  Maybe because it seems every other word  is "baby".  

At least that makes it easy for me to "sing" them (if you have heard me sing, that is a very loose description of what I do) to J#4.  

So, these bands obviously make quite a bit off of the concert tickets and t-shirts and such that are sold at the concerts.  But think of how much they make off of purchases of their music.  I can't even remember when I got rid of my NKOTB c.d.'s.  But alas, I find myself downloading the "classics".  And yes, making sure J#3 knows the arm swing for Hangin' Tough.  

There was an arm swing, right?  

So this all lead me to think a bit further of some of the music of my youth.  

Milli Vanilli.  

Want to know a little known fact?  That was the my first concert ever.  Stop.  Can I even say that was my first concert?  

I was thinking.  And this time, it was just thinking (no action taken) about downloading a few of their tunes. You know: "Blame it on the Rain" and "Girl You Know Its True".  Who gets the royalties from those sales?   Guess it doesn't really matter, because no one will get them from me.  Listening to the preview in Itunes was enough for me. Pretty sure I am going to wake up in the middle of the night to feed J#4 with those songs in my head. 

So yeah,  those are my deep thoughts regarding music for a Friday afternoon.  I told you not to expect much! 

What are your favorite 80's and 90's tunes?  The tunes of your youth? 

Oh, and does anyone have a crimper I can borrow?  I have the blue eye shadow, just need the crimper.  

I am kidding.  Totally, totally kidding. I am going to wear a scrunchie, so I won't need the crimper. 

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