House tour: Floor 2

Friday, Friday.  Oh how I love Fridays!   We had a fun, though hot, week around here.  A great friend of ours from Minnesota came for a visit, and it was fantastic.  Although, poor guy, he goes from one of the hotest days of the year here to the same thing in Minnesota.  

But his visit was the perfect excuse for me to get the rest of the house spic and span.  Which means...house tour time! 

Remember these spirally, steep stairs?  My brother calls them "efficient", and is that ever true.  
These steps take you to the second floor, where our bedroom, J#3's bedroom and the main bathroom reside.   No pictures of the bathroom.  It is pretty basic and utilitarian.  Shower, tub, sink, toilet...you know the drill. 

Although there isn't much exciting about the other rooms either, but here they are just for the curious folks out there: 
our master bedroom 

That bedspread.  I have been wanting to replace that for years.  But then it was time to move here, and I said, "oh, I will just replace it when we move to the Netherlands."  Then we got here, and now it is "let's just replace it when we get to Scotland."  Will the madness ever end? 

The plan was for J#4 to eventually share a room with her brother (you will see evidence of that a little ways below), but we have since decided we would have one heck of a time getting J#3 to sleep through the night with a little sister in the room.  Especially since she still wakes up at least once a night usually.  So in our room she stays...at least for now. 

yes, this is just a wall of wardrobes.
but they were already here when we moved in.
very, very nice bonus in the Netherlands

J#3's room.  LOVE wall clings.
one of the best inventions ever. 

J#3 showing of his "big boy" bed
J#4's part of the room
This is where J#4 would be.  The cling says "It's not easy being a Princess".  We still have her clothes in here, because there is no way the wardrobe and dresser would fit in our room.  

The curtains in here don't match a thing.  But functional, they are.  Some of the best "black-out" curtains I have ever seen.  Key with a two-year-old when it can stay light out for up to 16 hours a day. 

Up next on part #3 of the house tour?  The guest bedroom.  Where you would stay.  :-) 

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