Good-bye clogs and tulips. Hello bagpipes and kilts!

This isn't just a post about our travels. 


We are moving.  


We are the perpetual movers, after all.  Would you expect anything different from us? Like I said in my last post--we are not people very adverse to change. 

J#4 will be initiated into the "world of constant moves" (most likely) within the next few months.   

Poor girl, she doesn't know what she got into being born into this family.  This is not new to us.  

J#3 had moved from New Jersey to Minnesota by the time he was four months old. Luckily, J#3 has adapted very quickly to new environments.  

I am just going to assume J#4 will be the same way.  She has to be.  Right?  Cross your fingers.  Please. 

We are off to Scotland this time around.  I guess when J#1 went on a Scotland golfing trip a few years back, and we thought, "well, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity", we were mistaken.

J#1 took some photos on a recent trip to give us a
taste of the landscape

At least I will definitely get that country knocked of my bucket list.  And I already have, since we have visited to "check it out"(more on that in a future post).   

A few things I am excited about?  Being in an English speaking country, having a car again (a must since stores and such won't be as close as they are here), and all of the history and charm of Scotland.  

Driving on the "other side of the road" is maybe not at the top of my list.  Although, having tried it for a few days, I am pretty sure I will get used to it.  I just wonder why the curb seems so much closer when you are a passenger on the left side? 

Oh, and there are Costco's in Scotland.  Yahoo! Not quite Target, but getting closer.  And can I tell you about the grocery stores?  So much more familiar.  Not sure if it is the size...or the selection...or the English language, but it feels so much more like "home". 

We've known about the move for some time, so for some of you this news is NOT news.  But, for once in our lives, we are facing a "wait and hurry up" situation, instead of "hurry up and wait" situation.   There is still a bunch of paperwork that needs to occur for this to happen, but once it is done, it will be a quick move for us. Our guess is that our move will happen sometime between mid-August and the end of September.  Evidently this is God's way of teaching me not to be so hung up on "planning". 

So, when are you coming to visit?  :-) 


Cami said...

I told you I was going to try to find out ;) LOL
WHat does hubby do that he gets to travel so much? TOO COOL :) Hope you are loving it there...the weather must be absolutely gorgeous right about now! ox

Amanda said...

I visited Edinburgh, Scotland when I was in college. It's so cool that you actually get to live there! I love the UK. My dream is to have a flat in London. ;)

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