Bucket list: Ireland? Check! (part 2)

Hello there... I'm back with the rest of our trip to Dublin.  It was only three full days, but evidently I am taking my sweet time telling ya'll about it.   

As I hinted last week, the last stop that we took on the "hop on, hop off" tour was a prison.  When we are out and about while traveling, J#3 doesn't always get a nap.  He usually does pretty well without one.   But this day he evidently decided he needed a nap.  And that Daddy would be the perfect "pillow". 

J#3 waking up from his nap
So while the rest of us took in the interesting history of the Kilmainham Gaol,  J#3 snoozed away.  Oh, and I may have not learned too much from this tour, since J#4 decided to be vocal. It might be just a bit stressful trying to keep a three month old quiet in a prison. Luckily, Miss Kara was able to help her settle down, so mommy could take some photos.

And yes, of course we told J#3, "you better behave, or we might just leave you here in the prison."  Aren't we required to say that as parents?  Ha.  

After finishing the tour we stopped at a nearby pub for a few appetizers, and then went to find a kid friendly restaurant.  FYI, kid-friendly in the Temple Bar area of Dublin?  Hard to find.  And sadly, it was time to say "bye-bye" (in the words of J#3) to our friends.  

Monday was the day that Barack Obama visited Dublin.  The city, police and restaurants had started preparing earlier that weekend (just after they recovered from a visit from the Queen).  

Can I tell you how odd it is to be in Europe and see flags and signs with President Obama on them all over? 
one of many restaurants with signs
welcoming the President
lots of prep happening for the big speech

hilarious.  stores had Barack and Michelle
featured in their window displays. 

hard to make it down the sidewalks on the day of. 

watching the speech in our hotel room

buses lined up outside of our hotel
That day, we started out doing some shopping and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  We did not venture into the estimated crowd of 100,000 (?!?!) there to see the President speak.  Well, I guess we did venture THRU it to get back to our hotel.  We watched it on the television, and actually did get to hear it "live".   The city had set up several speakers so that those farther away from the College Green (where the President was speaking) could hear him.  And hear him, we did.  

So there you have it.  Highlights?  Our friends.  And the Trinity College library.  

How about you?  Been to Dublin?  What are your favorite places there?   Any recommendations for our next trip to Ireland? 

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