Tuesday Top 10: Home Sweet Home

No worries.  This is NOT another post about the many homes we have lived in.

When I say "home" in this post...it is a bit more general, as in "Minnesota".  Where I have lived 30 of my 33 years of life {Funny, I almost typed 32 of my 35 years.  How can I age myself so easily, when I keep thinking that I am still 32?}

We {meaning J#2-J#4} are here in Minnesota for an extended visit.  Even though we have only missed one winter here, I may have forgotten how cold it gets.  And I may have said to J#1 that we could just head back to Scotland with him when he left...but I was totally kidding.

I do that sometimes. And how could I even say that?  We are so unbelievably blessed and lucky to have this opportunity.  I need to be thanking God {oh, and J#1 too, I guess} every day for the chance to get all of this quality time with family and friends.

I need to count our blessings.  Which are unlimited.  But, since this is just a blog post..and it is Tuesday...

Here are the top 10 things about being home in Minnesota {in no particular order}.

#1.  Snow?
Yup.  Snow.  Just went out and got some snow pants and boots for J#3 yesterday.  And can I just say...$24.99 for boots? For a 2 year old?  Geez.

#2. Favorite restaurants...with friends, of course.
I wish I could get to the point where I was gusty enough to take photos inside of places.  You should see the inside of this place.  When I am there, I feel like I have been picked up and placed in New York City. Dreamy.  And the big, fluffy snowflakes falling? Definitely added to the beauty of the evening.

#3.  Movies...also with friends.

Breaking Dawn, Part 1.  Sigh.  I know they had to end it somewhere, so there could be a part 2, but...well.  I don't know.  Don't know where else I would have wanted them to end it.  But, I guess maybe I just didn't want it to end.  {wink}

#4.  Christmas cookies with who? Friends.
Ooops.  I might have started eating one.  Pretty sure it was broken.  {wink}.  Oh!  And do you see my mustard, ketchup & relish cookie?

#5. Having a baking assistant.
...And a nice BIG kitchen to bake in for a change.  But having the baking assistant (a.k.a.  my mom) was awesome.  Good company, she washed dishes and measured out the ingredients.  I almost felt like I could be on a cooking show.

#6.  Fun cousin moments.
J#3 went on to try and put his cousin B "to bed" several times.  Complete with a good night kiss.  Unfortunately, I was either too slow...or too quick, to get the money shot of the actual good night kiss.  And we may have tried to stage it quite a few times.  Guess I better get a quicker trigger finger!

#7.  Caribou Coffee.
Nuff said.

#8.  Living in a hotel.
Sort of seems like an oxymoron, right?  Being "home" but in a hotel?  But, it works pretty well for us, and provides routine for the kids.  Plus: no cleaning, full breakfast provided and a pool.  Need I say more?

#9.  Getting to see my niece E show off her mad gymnastic skills.

#10.  J#3 helping Grandma decorate her Christmas tree.  Priceless.

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Jamie said...

Glad you're having a good time at home!

skippysays said...

What a cute little guy you have! Glad you're having a nice time at home :)

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