So...which hairstyle???

First of all...have you ever lost your mojo?  Your blogging mojo...your mommy mojo...your work mojo...any kind of mojo?  I did. But good news...  It's back.  Must have been that Caribou Coffee I had this morning.  {wink}  On a complete side note, I can't believe I have been in Minnesota for 12 full days, and I just had my first Caribou Coffee today!

But anyways....on to the real reason for this post.

Do you remember back in October, when I asked for your thoughts on a new hairstyle?  You don't?? Well then click here.

If you don't want to use an extra click though,  in short, there were 10 different choices, and most of the comments liked #1:

This is actually a fellow blogger over at Sunshine Blossoms.  {You should probably check her out. She's got a fun blog.}

I took all the options to my stylist, and then just sort of let her do with it as she wanted.  I mean, that is her specialty, right?

And I went from this:

to this:

So...what do you think???

I'll tell you what I think.  I seriously need to get better at taking photos of myself in the mirror.  {wink}

Oh, and FYI. Mojo return did NOT occur with the haircut.

Just in case you were wondering.  Which...I bet you weren't.

Happy Monday peeps!

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