Challenge Wednesday #11: Question's cont'd!

It's Wednesday.  Again.  Funny how it comes around every week, isn't it?

But, I've got it easy this week.  Here's Tracey with our Wednesday challenge, which is a question {since we decided to take it easy on the "challenges" during the holiday season}.  Smart, right?

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Last week, Jen asked me this question:

What is the one thing about entering this blog world that has surprised you the most? 

And this week, I get to hop on over and answer it.  The answer to this question is simple, because I am still surprised and amazed by it every day.

When I first started writing Control the Chaos, I wrote it as a way to keep track of the ideas in my head and a place to put into action the life changes I wanted to make.  My family has always been on board, but I have been the driving force on this adventure.

I never once thought that people would be interested in my own story. On how I got here, to this place in my life where I am writing about simple, intentional living, and about all the things that entails.  

Fitness, family, food.  Fun.

It goes on.  Of course, I am happy that people like what I have to say about these topics, but I'm shocked that they are just as interested in my journey to get here.  I still struggle with that sometimes.  I tend to keep my blog somewhat impersonal; I have only recently begun putting up photos of my family or talking about our lives.

What I am learning is that people enjoy stories.  We always have, and likely always will.  It's how we understand those around us, and it's often how we define ourselves.  I too gravitate towards blogs that tell me a story, even as I'm searching for the best recipe to make my own deodorant or granola bars.

It's in our nature, and keeps this blog world going.

Thanks for the thought provoking question, Jen.  Next week, I'd like to know

what was the hardest part of your 5k training and how did you keep motivated to continue in spite of it?

I have a few fitness readers, and I'd love for you to share your thoughts on starting and sticking to a new fitness routine.

Tune in next week at Control the Chaos to read Jen's answer.
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Eeek!  Guess I won't have it so easy next week!

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Manju Sara Jacob said...

Thanks Jen for your comment over at http://raisingboysinthenetherelands.blogspot.com/.

It great that these things can remind us of people we love and cherish... and pray for them.

I came to know your blog thru Tracey. We attend the same church in Eindhoven.

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