What is a mom to do?

So, recently J#1 has been traveling quite a bit for work.  And it has left me in a bit of a quandary. 

See, usually there are two of us and two of them (little ones, that is).  But when he is gone it becomes two vs. one.  Usually, that isn't really an issue.  We spend all day long that way.  Me...and them. 

But bedtime is another story.  

Here is the quandary.  

J#3 isn't quite at an age where I can leave him by himself to feed J#4 and get her to sleep.  J#4 is easier to contain, but these days is getting bored easily, and at bedtime is ready for...bedtime. So, since J#4 was about 6 weeks old, each night I take J#3 up to bed, J#4 is left on her own in her crib, not very happy, until I get done getting J#3 to bed. 
Wow.  That was a lot of #'s in one paragraph. 

And bath night?  Oye.  Don't get me started.  I try to avoid them all together, because that just extends the length of time J#4 has to hang out by herself.

But, that is where I came up with a genius idea today.  

Who says staying at home with the kids won't give me great answers for interview questions in for future jobs?   "Can you tell me about a time when you had to come up with a new way of doing something?" 

Well, sure Ms. Interviewer.  It didn't make us any more money, but I did get an increase in smiles. 

Baths in the afternoon.  

Revolutionary, isn't it?  See, we are a "bath before bedtime" kind of family.  So I hadn't even thought to switch things up.  

You know how sometimes you wish you had a camera in your head, so you could take photos automatically without needing an actual camera?           Oh.  You don't?  That is just me?   Well, anyway...

I wish I could have photographed J#3's excitement when I went to get him up from his nap (which are starting to get shorter and shorter.  sniff, sniff) and told him he was taking a bath.  Hands in the air, huge smile!  
fun from beginning to end
So J#3 was taking a bath while J#4 was finishing her nap.  Benefits of an afternoon nap?  There is no reason to hurry and finish up.  So, ALL the toys came out today. 

talk about perfectly placed scuba diver toy, right? 

Wrinkled fingers and toes.  Happy toddler.  Happy mommy.   

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