J. Homemaker Series #3: Easter Dinner (better late than never)

Where have I been?!?!  Well, France.  At least for a few five days.  Is that a good enough of an excuse for almost two weeks without blogging?  Paris is on my bucket list!  More to come on that in a future post.  

First up, Easter.  Seeing as how it has been nearly two weeks since the day, I figured I better fill you in!

So, on my bucket list, under cooking, #2 is to cook a Thanksgiving dinner (pretty much on my own).  Obviously, this won't apply so alas, I can't check that item of my list.  Oh, and it will probably be at least two years before I can check that item off my list anyways--many favorite Thanksgiving dishes are hard to make here in the Netherlands, since some of the ingrediants are hard to come by.

But back to the subject at hand.  I DID make this whole Easter dinner by myself.  
lamb, cauliflower, potatoes and cookies!
Funny story about how we ended up with lamb.  Well...funny to me.  

What I was really looking for was ham.  But the only ham I could find within my walking radius was sliced (for sandwiches) or cubed (scrumptious in scrambled eggs).  Both not Easter dinner material.   On my search for the ham I stopped into a "vleesspecialist" (a.k.a. "meat specialist") that I pass each time I head to our mums & toddlers group.  

I asked Mr. Meat Specialist first if he spoke English.  "A little", he says.  That is what most Dutch folks say here.  And they then go on to speak more fluent English than my two-year-old.  Well, at this point that isn't too tough of a feat.  But my point is just that they usually can understand everything I saw and have a full conversation with me in English.   

I pointed into the meat case.  "What's that?"

"Lamb," says Mr. Meat Specialist. 

"I'll take it," said the novice cooker looking for something relatively seasonal, so to speak, for the rapidly approaching holiday.  Have I ever cooked lamb before?  Nope.  Was I a bit nervous?  Um, yeah.

So, did it turn out? Oh, yeah.  It turned out fabulous.  

Perhaps a new tradition was born.  I can't say that I was extremely gutsy or creative with side dishes (cauliflower with cheese and mashed potatoes), but one thing at a time, right? 

I turned to foodnetwork.com for this Herb Crusted Lamb recipe from Giada.  Love her!

The rest of Easter day was beautiful, in the 70s, and a fun day to relax and hang out as a family.  Here are some photo gems to enjoy: 
family photo.  fun. 

J#4 with her first Easter treat: Jelly Beans.  :-)

Oh, sweets.  After a my 40-day Lenten abstinence from sweets, Easter cookies and chocolate tasted pretty good on Easter Sunday.  
goofy #3

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