Books, books, books

I have always been a big reader.  You can ask my mom, she will tell you.  I used to take books to movie theaters.  We would go to the bookstore in the evening after she would get home from work, and by the time I went to bed I would have the book SHE JUST BOUGHT ME finished.  

isn't this considered a classic?
So, when I heard about the list of 100 books the BBC put out, I was interested to check it out.  I have done some additional research and seems like the list that is on my tab was only on Facebook, and never actually published on the BBC website.  But, even so, it seems like a good collection of mostly classic and a few more recently published books that should be read.  

Over the next year (and I am sure longer than that--have you seen how HUGE of a book War & Peace is?) I am going to read each of the books.  I have noted on the list (see 100 books tab above) which books have already been read, and will note when I finish the rest of them as well.  First up?  Pride & Prejudice.  

 I am a big fan of "chick lit" books, so this will be a challenge for me.   I will wait to read any other fiction books until I finish this list.  Hmm, I wish Hunger Games was on this list.  

Non-fiction?  Doesn't count.  I will continue to read non-fiction books now and then as I go through the list.  

Do you have any favorites on the list?  Books I should read sooner rather than later? 

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