so about these Liebster Awards part 3

Finally, eleven more questions to answer.   Who am I kidding? I'm sure most of you are out shopping your little bums off... but for those of you just hanging out, enjoy!

Just a reminder:  Monday was 11 facts, Wednesday was the 1st set of questions and now one more set from Marci at Life with Joys. 

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1.  What is your favorite holiday tradition?  Eek.  I don't think I have one?  It would be more the tradition of foods.  For instance, the awesome cheese spread my mother-in-law makes, the stuffing that my brother (now) makes that is my Mom's recipe, green been casserole at Thanksgiving.  {no wonder I have weight issues, huh?}

2.  Do you prefer heels or flip flops? flip flops.  Oh wow, flip flops.

3.  What is your love language? You know...I really need to read that book.  Once I do, I'll get back to you.  {wink}
4.  Who inspires you to be a better person? My daughter.

5.  What is the craziest thing in your closet? I think there are some tiles in there for the bathroom.  That's sort of weird, huh?

6.  What is your goofiest habit? This one had me stumped...I actually asked my husband.  He said, "too bad you don't still tap the top of soda cans".  I still do, I think-it's a subconcious thing-but I just don't have as much soda any more!

7.  What is your favorite dessert? Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake, but of course.

8.  Do you prefer coffee or tea? Coffee in the a.m., tea in the p.m.

9.  If you could buy anything for yourself, what would it be? A really nice new larger purse/diaper bag/camera bag combination.

10.  What is your favorite color? Orange. or green.

11.  Describe your favorite outfit? Jeans, always a comfortable pair of jeans & a cozy sweater...those two things would be involved.

Whew...that was fun.  So.  Any other burning questions you have for me?  Ask away in the comments. 

1 comment:

Maegan said...

gotta say, not too many people list orange as their favorite color. happy to see it here, finally getting the love it deserves :) orange is happy!

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