catching up

It's amazing what two days of being 'off' can do to girl.

'Off' meaning having such a bad head cold it too all of my energy to keep my kids clothed and fed.  Beyond that?  Nada.

I think I may be doing laundry straight thru until December.  {wink}

But, even being under the weather, I was spending a few minutes a whole bunch of time being thankful.

Especially for things like... home grocery delivery.

Neighbor boys and friends for J#3; keeps him busy and there is so much more fun energy in the house.

This would be me capturing my shadow, because it meant it was sunny. Not for long (see the clouds behind the hill?), but still. It was sunny.  That's exciting around these parts.

NFL Season Pass.  Sigh.  Helps make it feel a bit more like a normal Sunday, when we get to watch our favorite football team {the Vikes, obviously}.

It was Guy Fawkes day here in the UK last Monday.  The other words for the day?  Fireworks day and Bonfire day.  We got to see some fireworks from our family room.  Very cool.  Even better was that we were skyping with Grandma, so she got to see them too!

This is my healthy girl.  Loves fruit, veggies, eggs, cheese.  She's definitely teaching me a thing or two about healthy eating.

Num. This is the best taco seasoning ever.  Its from the Netherlands.  Yeah, I know...that doesn't sound right, does it?  But thankful that my husband still gets to travel back there for work now and then so he can pick some up for me. 

How about you?  What have you been thankful for lately?

It's not too late, you could still join us on instagram with #thankfulliving.  And link up here, I'll come find you!

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