hello Monday

Hello Monday.

Hello sun streaming in the kitchen window.
Hello clean, streamlined kitchen.  I'm in a 'minimalistic' mood.  Just in time to go through belongings to take bake to the States for our visit and annual donation to goodwill.  Watch out clothes, bags and shoes...nobody is safe!

Hello to a return to my healthy ways {I sort of took a week off.  Not good.  Not good at all.}
Hello stop light of a food bowl.

Hello nummy scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Hello to starting a new habit...daily multi-vitamins. 

Hello to my new plan for November {this is an iphone wallpaper, feel free to grab it if you'd like}. 

Hello to a continuation of #thankfulliving...
Our weekly trip to Costco.  {Thankful for the costco, thankful for our "team".}

Their laughs.  Always thankful for their laughs. 

Hello #thankfulliving link-up that's still open {will be for all of November}. 

I know I'm finding that I realize I have so much to be grateful for when I see other folks #thankfulliving items and think to myself, 'oh, me too!  me too!'

Instagram, your blog, facebook, twitter.  Where ever you are being thankful--link up so we can all be grateful together.  We use the #thankfulliving hashtag on instagram {i'm jenlives}

Linking up with Lisa Leonard today for 'hello Mondays'.

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Maegan said...

Great list for "no"vember! I sort of took a couple days off from healthy eating but am using today to get back on track. It's so easy to eat the junk food. :(

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