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Wow.  It is March?!?  Where has the time gone?

Oh, wait, I gave birth.  To a sweet, adorable little girl.
J#4 was born on February 1, at about 2:30 in the afternoon.  Guess I should have had "give birth in a European hospital" on my bucket list.  But alas, I don't.  Who cares?  I get to stare at this beautiful face whenever I want to. 

Unfortunately, I have been absent.  Like I mentioned before, not a good time to be absent seeing as how I just start this here blog.  But, now that a month has passed, and so far the kiddos have been sharing their nap time, I should be able to make more regular appearances!  

Progress has been made on the list.  Hotel booked in Paris, very close to booking hotel and flights to Ireland.  More to come on a visit to Scotland soon too.   I have been working my way through the bible slowly.  While I won't get it done in 90 days, I hope to get it done this year.  Seems acceptable, with two kids under two (at least until Sunday), right? 

As an aside...who came up with this teething thing?  Why must it drag out so long?  I am really hoping that J#3 is done teething before J#4 starts.  

I have quite a bit more energy these days, dare I say, even more than before Jillian was born.  Although, seeing as how I was 9 months pregnant, guess that might not be too hard.  

Oh, you will notice I am using some #s now.  I think that is how I will refer to the fam, so:  husband=J#1, almost 2 year old son=J#3 and one month old daughter will be J#4.  I am J#2, but hopefully I won't find it necessary to refer to myself in the 3rd person very often.  

Any bets on whether I will be back tomorrow? 

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