Sweets? No thank you.

Lent begins today. Across the world there are people deciding what they will forgo for forty days (and forty nights). Some people may forego the internet, Facebook, or TV.  Yeah, right--you won't see me doing that!  I actually sort of did that when we first move to the Netherlands, but I will tell you about that in another post.

Each year I spend a lot of time deciding what I am going to give up, and usually don't do a very good job of sticking with it.  So, this year, I am making it public.  Telling you all what I am giving up, so if you catch me considering a bite (oh wait, most of you are in the States...tehehe), you can slap my hand.

Here it is: I am going to give up sweets.  Yes, it is possible!  At least for my Mom it was.  Most years as I grew up she would give up sweets, and she stuck with it all forty days.  Very impressive.  Taking her lead from years ago, that is what I am going to do this year.  And maybe next year.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

First, lets say "good-bye for now" to sugar-filled indulgences like:

Oh, yes, Joey was totally digging his birthday cake this year

Banana bread and other scrumptious breakfast pastries like Appleflaps (Apple turnovers in NL)

Banana bread made by yours truly!  I can't believe it, but it
makes regular appearances around here these days
Ice Cream, cookies, and candy, oh candy how I will miss you...  I have to say, during this last pregnancy I developed one monster sweet tooth, so that will make this a bit difficult.  On the other hand, since I would have to cross an ocean to get to girl scout cookies, Reese's Peanut Butter cups and Dairy Queen, maybe it won't be so hard? 

I'll plan on updating you along the way.  Hopefully this has some side benefits like more energy, weight loss and a better appreciation for fruit.  

So if you are giving anything up for Lent, what is it??   Anyone want to join me and try and tackle giving up sweets?  


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!! Last yr I gave up something kinda silly to most, but for me it was really hard to do. I gave up shopping at Kohls! :-) It is my fav clothing store and Im there all the time. I actually stuck with it too. They needed me to come back though cuz their stock took a big hit w/o me contributing to the sales:-)
Not sure what Im doing yet this yr. Sweets would be great, but i know i wouldnt be able to stick to it....hmmmmmm?

Jen said...

@Anonymous Ang--wow, very impressive! That would be like me giving up Target (easy now, but when I am in MN? Yeah right!). Sweets will be a challenge, but think how great it would be if you made it all the way through. There is chocolate cake taunting me from the kitchen right now! Thanks for commenting! Jen

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