Good-bye for now, American Idol.

I have always been REALLY into TV.  How long?  Since I can remember, when I would watch Sanford & Sons and The Beverly Hillbillies with my dad on a daily basis.  I sometimes wish that I could watch TV for a job (like this lady).

Moving to the Netherlands, we didn't know what we would find for TV.  And for about three weeks, we didn't have any TV, since it took a while for that and internet to get set up.  I lived, of course I did.  Read more books, broke out the Elmo DVD to keep J#3 entertained once in a while, and spent more time talking with J#1.  

We subscribed to Dutch cable.  What did we find?  A ton of American shows (past seasons of Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives and many more) in English with Dutch subtitles.  You think that would have kept me entertained.  And happy. But it didn't satisfy me.  

So we subscribed to a service that streams American TV to our computer, for a pretty penny (think the cost for a night at a pretty decent hotel), each month.   So for the last five months I've been using precious nap time to catch up on all of my American faves.  

Since these last five months have included the last trimester of my pregnancy and six weeks of recuperating from my c-section, I think we definitely didn't waste money.  It has even helped me feel more "connected" to  the U.S. 

But, the time has come to say good-bye.  Good-bye, Days of our Lives.  Good-bye, American Idol.  Since I can't watch you on Itunes, guess I won't find out if Sami founds out about Rafe.  But, I am sure someone will tell me who wins American Idol.    

Hello to: planning how to check off items on my bucket list, finishing starting AND finishing J#3's baby book/scrapbook, updating our family website, more blog posts and in general, being more productive.  Oh, and reading.  Welcome back to my life.  

Don't worry, Itunes is a great resource for me to kept up to date on my favorite shows like Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Parenthood.   But I am going to limit my viewing time to just a few select shows.  

What would be the shows you wouldn't be able to "live without"? 


Tracey Davis said...

Have you ever thought about using a slingbox? We have friends who do that are happy with that option. We don't have a TV connection, but we do have a computer hooked to our TV. We watch the amazing race, the office, modern family, house, and some old stuff. oh, and i am ashamed to admit that we also watch glee. i could live without all of them, though. the only thing i couldn't live without but do now because it's over *sniff* is LOST.

Jen said...

@Tracey Davis The service we subscribe to is actually one that uses Slingbox. It works pretty well, but I think because we go through a 3rd party, it makes it cost more. I am sort of looking forward to not having TV, I always felt like I HAD to watch shows, since we had the chance to record them. :-)

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