simplify. part 4. {a blogging break}

I've talked about different parts of my life--from online life to quotes to other forms of media-- that I'm simplifying over the last week or so; and now its time to talk about this blog and the other blog I created to track my journey to living healthy (Jen Lives Healthy). 


The first time I wrote this post, it was something along the lines of the fact that I was just going to get 'back to the basics', and talk about list updates here and basic updates on where my weight loss is over at the other blog.  Maybe just a few posts total each week.

But as the past week went on, and I found myself busy with life--good life moments--I decided that it might be time for a break from blogging here.

For those of you that know me in a space other than this blogging space, and want to stay caught up on our world, I am going to be updating our family blog more {I promise!  And I don't break promises}.  And that is actually one of the reasons I want to take this break.

I want to make sure that I am capturing all of the beautiful, once in a lifetime moments that we are experiencing right now for my children, my husband and myself.
Last Wednesday was one of those moments days.  A soul filling, beautiful, random afternoon and evening in Edinburgh.  We played at Edinburgh Castle--which is usually full of tourists--on a sunny and mild day, and felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Which is something we don't mind in the least.
And yes, I have a little idea in mind of something else I'll be working on at the computer, if time allows and my brain cooperates.  {wink}

During the months of March and April, if something real exciting comes up, I may pop back in--so don't go away! Keep me in your reader or however you happen to read these posts.  Once those two months roll on by, I'll check back in and see how life is going. See if I'm feeling a pull to write here or if something else is pulling me somewhere.

Also, (at least for now) I'll still be over at Instagram, so feel free to follow me there (jenlives). I will write monthly updates over at Jen Lives Healthy, so I can keep a good record of the 'action'.

AND if you want to still follow along with our family, and haven't gotten our family blog URL, please comment, email me or comment on Facebook, and I'll get you the URL.  I'm keeping it a bit on the private side, as I use all of our real names and such, but I'm willing to share it with my friends here in the blog world.  {smile}

So until May... may your spring be bright, beautiful and full of joy.

Ciao for now.

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