simplify. part 3. {about media}

I'm on a mission to simplify.  To focus on completing what needs to be done, I need to focus less on items that don't need or shouldn't require my attention. I'm going to take a few posts to talk about the steps I'm taking to simplify; and then move on to the task of doing. 


Covered so far:  quotes and online media

Today?  Other kinds of media.  

  1. television:  I've already severely cut this back just by not watching it during nap/quiet time.  I watch a bit after the kids go to bed, so its pretty limited.  This has been working brilliantly. 
  2. game playing on my phone/iPad: Much like Facebook, this is a way for me to stay in touch with people.  I mostly only play games like Words with Friends, Dice with Buddies or Ruzzle that are played against/with people.  And those people are just about always with family or friends. So I won't change much of anything here.  I've tried to cut down the number of times I play throughout the day; but a lot of that just depends on what the day brings us.  Sometimes  its a nice time filler when I'm watching the kiddos play happily without me.  
  3. reading:  through Lent I've committed myself to reading some 'self-help'-ish type books.  Once Lent is over?  That's done.  Its back to the list of 100 books recommended by the BBC I want to read (its on my bucket list).  Or any other fantastic book I've heard about from someone else. If a must read self-help book falls on the list, so be it.  But along the lines of my post about quotes; I'm darn good enough already.  I need to take a break from 'self helping' myself.  
Just one more post about my plans for this blog and Jen Lives Healthy, and then I'll be done.  Whew. Who knew simplifying could take so much time?  

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