Monday Missions {Week 7}

So, uh, yeah. Didn't finish last week's mission, to get our family blog updated. But I did get a good start...I got all the way through November!

Might not sound like much, but we had a ten day trip to Minnesota in November, and it included Thanksgiving, a first haircut for J#4 and a first dentist appointment for J#3' among other things.

But that just means this week's Monday Mission is easy to figure out...hopefully I can get all the way caught up with the family blog.

With it taking so long to get caught up with that, it's really helping me make some decisions as I 've been simplifying. So you can probably expect a sort of 'announcement' of sorts later this week.


So tell me..how have you been doing on you Monday Missions?

1 comment:

RachelM said...

My previous mission is complete...and now on to the next one! :)


Nice work making a dent in yours!

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