So tell us why...

My husband asked me a great question last week after reading my first post.  "Why are you writing a bucket list?  What made you choose that?"

Hmmm...well, easy to answer.  Accountability.   My thought is that if I have this list posted somewhere, and there are maybe a few (or more??) people reading about it, I will feel more committed to finishing all of the items on the list.  If it is a list in the back of a journal I have laying next to my bed, no one will see it but me.  So, no one will know whether I did or didn't get through the list.

The other reason is that I look at the list as a way to learn and make my self a more well-rounded person.  My greatest hope is that there are people out there that are thinking that they would like to do that exact same person.  And maybe, just maybe, I can inspire them to do that.  I have been spending a lot of time in the past week researching (okay, reading amazing blogs by women who are become daily inspirations to me).  I want to add to this community of women who spend their time as stay-at-home moms being productive (and amazingly creative), inspirational and great examples to their kids.

Oh, and one other thing to note.  Perhaps this wasn't the BEST time for me to start a blog.  During the ninth month of my 2nd pregnancy, just a few weeks before I deliver my baby girl via a schedule c-section.  There are definitely a few things on the list that will NOT be happening immediately...or soon at all (i.e. organized sporting event).   Please bear with me because posts might not be added daily, but hopefully they will be a bit more regular than my first two!

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