Bucket List: Strawberry Picking? Check!

Strawberries.  Num.

Freshly picked strawberries?  Double num.

I've always wanted to head to a strawberry patch to pick fresh strawberries, but the timing has never been right.  Enter 2015.  And our fabulous friends who guided J#4 and me on our first experience...

 The Strawberry Basket Farm in Monticello, MN.
It's only natural I'd take my fruit--especially strawberry--loving girl with on this adventure. 

My imagination lead me to believe it would be a long day at the strawberry patch, but low and behold, about a half an hour garnered about seven huge buckets of strawberries between all of us.  Good thing, since it was a beautiful sunny and hot summer day in Minnesota.

- - -

So one thing checked off the list, means I should add a new thing, right?   Any ideas?


Jane said...

Love the pics!

Pam said...

Darling pictures. I've only picked strawberries once! (And it was when my kids were about this same age!) Thanks for the memories. I need to write my own list.

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