One Word :: 2014 :: Firework {cont'd}

I may be biting of more than I can chew.  BUT my goal for 2014 is to be a firework.

ORIGINAL: not worrying about being one of the crowd, doing my {or our} own thing.

ILLUMINATING: bringing light to the world, to the people around me, to myself.

SHOCKING: in 2014 I don't want to stop surprising myself, my husband, my children.  Life is short, it's time to make it exciting.

ENERGETIC: explains itself, yes?

INSTANTANOUS: no procrastinating.  Do things now--now waiting.

IGNITE: my passion.  Not sure what direction this blog is going to take, but it's involved in my passion of writing.  So expect to see me more around these parts.

and last:

BEAUTIFUL: comes from this blog entry at Momastery.

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