Being Brave...with fashion?

So, remember back in the day?

Which day?  The day when I talked about my ONE WORD for 2012.


I haven't talked much about it since {don't worry, a general update will be coming}, but lately I have been thinking about how it relates to fashion.  I know...that may be a bit shallow.

Source: polyvore.com via Jenny on Pinterest

But on the other hand...so much of what we look like affects our confidence {at least for me...how about you?}.  I have always watched with admiration on a few websites as moms and bloggers post about what they are wearing. Like Lindsay's {she started it all}, Nina's, and more.

They do it to keep themselves accountable on a daily basis so that they actually "get ready for the day".  It started with stay at home and work at home mama's, and has grown to include ladies who work outside the home.

Source: polyvore.com via Jenny on Pinterest

So...I am thinking about jumping in and joining them.  Even though I'm NOT at a weight where I feel comfortable doing it.

To start out with, I thought I'd start with a "what i WANT to wear" post.  That's what has been interspersed throughout this post.  Clothes I want to wear {love these pins!}...and that I will once I'm at a weight where I actually want to buy clothes!

So what do you think?  Should I?  Could I?

It might be sort of boring to start out with...I don't have a lot of clothes.  But maybe it would inspire me to switch it up a bit?

*  *  *

pleated poppy


Jamie said...

Go for it!

lauren said...

Definitely do it! Part of the process of posting what you wear helps you to get more comfortable in your own skin! (goal weight or not, its still nice to feel pretty!). And plus, you can always buy (or as I like to say invest, haha) things that you can wear at any weight. Flowy skirts and dresses, and of course cardigans go a long way! :]

SoSoBella said...

Yes. I can relate to this post 100%

SoSoBella said...

Yes. I can relate to this post 100%

Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Great outfit choices, I would be happy wearing either of the outfits... where did you find the ideas/pics?

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